Monday, January 30, 2012

Campus beat it!

I love working the campus beat (and I didn't even know such a beat existed). I suppose it's because I never really got over being a college student. Now that I've graduated and joined the workforce (ew) I can say with all authority that college really was the best time of my life. Covering different campus festivals allows me to feel like a student again if only for a night, and even better, because I get to discover new campuses and experience traditions that we never had Taftside. 

UST's Main Building
So far, I've covered the UP Lantern Parade and just last Friday, the UST Neo-Centennial, which means that I've had more than my fair share of fireworks shows and screaming students. I can say that DLSU's campus traditions are pretty lame compared to UP's and UST's (what campus traditions do we even have, really?) but even then, visiting these universities always make me miss my alma mater. And also, our Centennial fireworks show remains unparalleled. Yes, even with UST's four cornered pyrotechnics. 

Friday's affair was the most tiring coverage, but also the most fun, I think (check out my article on the event here). UST has the most beautiful campus. I have no idea how Thomasians actually get themselves to class. I can imagine that if I studied there, I'd be skipping class all the time to wander around and act out scenes from Noli me Tangere in my head. 

Anyway, below the jump are more photos I took with my trusty Canon point-and-shoot. They turned out pretty good, and I edited using Picnik (which is apparently closing in April huhu where are Photoshop illiterates to go now?)

UST prides itself in being a Royal and Pontifical University. I have no idea what that means but it sounds bad-ass.

Won't you light the candle?

Thomasians raising their lights for the UST Hymn

40,000 Voices

Even the alumni joined in on the fun.
The students were really energetic and excited about everything!

3 stars!
Fireworks displays: every campus festival must have them.

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  1. Picnik is closing? :O But why?

    You can try Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It's not as complicated as ~Photoshop.;) You can modify the photographs' colors, lighting and so much more! :D