Sunday, March 25, 2012

For the love of a Ruffled White Blouse and Navy Blue Jumper

I saw this photo on Facebook. I don't know who drew it, but whoever did should claim it because this is a pretty accurate depiction of The Best Uniform Ever.

It really is the best.

And I'm not just saying that because I spent the better part of my life wearing it every day, and that I made so much memories in it and I grew up in it and all those cheesy things.

It really is the best Uniform ever, and let me tell you why.

There are two components to this Uniform. First is The Ruffled White Blouse. It may easily betray a printed bra, and is very vulnerable to spilt Milo or Cutlet Sauce, but the point is, it's breezy, making it perfect for Monday Morning Praises or afternoon masses under the sweltering sun.

One other downside to The Blouse is that has these two mystery strings at the back that I never could explain for the life of me (seriously, 12 years in the school and I never knew their purpose. The teachers said they were to keep the blouse from being untucked, but if that's so, they never really worked...)

But for the wonders it did in disguising a pre-pubescent flat chest and adolescent chub, I can forgive the useless strings.
You can do anything in the Uniform: sit on the floor or in a classroom,
lie down on a volleyball court, dream of your future university...

The other part of the uniform is The Navy Blue Jumper. Ah, The Jumper. The Heroic Jumper.

The Jumper can mask virtually every spill or stain, is perfect for jackstone competitions and lunch breaks spent on cement floors, has the roomiest pockets that can hold everything from Hair Docs to Scientific Calculators, also contraband cellphones, iPods, cameras (though they yield easily to Surprise Inspections), and smuggled cookies and fries.

The Jumper can even withstand school-wide masses and song practices on sit-upons (small stools, typically used by washerwomen), langit lupa sessions, and late night rehearsals for plays. It absorbs most liquids, and can catch tears.

It can also be easily thrown up into the air if you're the type who likes sneaking up on friends and showing their skivvies to the world, though this can easily backfire--if you're a true kulasa, you've both been perp and victim of this strange game.
The uniform even works with any type of sock. Even Power Ranger ones, as I (first row, fifth from left) am wearing here.

The Uniform goes with anything--with short socks, or ruffled socks, or sports socks, with any style of school shoe imaginable, though it works best with classic Mary Janes. It even goes with sneakers, but that's just sooo grade school.

You can wear your P.E Uniform under it (just fold the jogging pants), or your swimsuit if needed. And despite the Benedictine Way insisting that we stick to simple accessories in only black, white, or navy blue, the uniform still works with hot pink hair ties and floral earrings, neon green bags, and rainbow hoodies.

Altogether, the Uniform can make one look erudite and respectable when worn as prescribed, making it perfect for debate class or formal reporting.

But when you get home or even on the school bus if you're that comfortable with your bus mates,  all you have to do is pull down the jumper straps, untuck the blouse and untie the mystery strings and *bam* instant pambahay. (Removing the jumper entirely is recommended but not required, and will work best only when you've been wearing the prescribed pantylet underneath.)

It's a uniform designed for playing games and exploring a giant, ancient campus. It's a uniform built for enjoying food and ignoring muffin tops. It's a uniform made for making memories and fostering friendships.

The absolute best part about it is, even when you hang the Uniform up or fold it away in your closet, you never really take it off.


  1. I love this. And it's true; it's been five years to the day I last wore this uniform, but I have never taken it off. It stands for more memories than my diploma ever has. <3

    1. Thanks Jasmine! :> It's an unforgettable uniform :>

  2. The pockets are magic! It's true! It's a lunch box, wallet, pencil case and occasionally had been (during periodicals mostly), my entire bag :)

    1. Don't forget, it was also a make-up/hygiene kit--people managed to stuff giant mirrors, brushes, sanitary pads, tissues, lip balm and even the occasional contraband eyeliner and blush in there. It's like the pocket equivalent of Mary Poppins' bag :))

  3. Power rangers socks for the win!!- Din :D

    1. I REFUSED to wear anything else :)))

  4. Omg I totally just stumbled upon the Prep class picture on google and I realized I'm in that picture ! Hahaha this is too crazy ! I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the first girl on the last row to the left. The one with the huge white ribbon on her head. Haha :)))