Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I did say that my most sacred New Year's Resolution for 2012 was to see as much of the world as I can, and I think I've been doing pretty well so far.

A rusty, rickety bus to Pagudpud
I've flown kites at Clark, got a full blast of color at the Panagbenga festival, saw actual Ifugao houses in an Artist's Village, did some midnight ukay shopping in Baguio, went to Puerto Galera for the first time ever, rode on the back of a motorcycle on a tiny road snaking up a mountain in the dead of night to watch Joey Ayala play, flailed around with dirty hippies to Latin Jazz and Bossa Nova, fell asleep on a grassy hillside under the stars...

I thought I've had my fair share of adventure already, but when I saw this webpage that gives you a travel "grade" based on how many places in the Philippines you've visited, I only got a C. Which is pathetic. I want an A before I turn 26, but preferably before the year ends, because this could be the last year ever.

I'm scheduled for A Great Indian Summer for April and May, and when I get back and revive my bank account, which will for sure be dying by then, I think I'm gonna be a weekender and take a bus where I can in two days. I really want that A. And I really want to make good on my most sacred resolution.

I plan to post photos and short write-ups about all the places I've been so far, and I'd like to start with the trip that set it off: Ilocos. Before 2012 even started, my lithearts and I decided to explore the beautiful old city of Vigan like we've always wanted to do. So when our lovely friend Carmela who lives in Dubai came home for Christmas, we saw it as the perfect time to go.

It was an epic trip, and I've been writing a piece on it but haven't been able to finish it for MONTHS now. I really mean to though. In the meantime, here are some photos:
My beautiful friend, Carmela at the Burgos lighthouse

Fist pumping Vigan style
Little caroler
Transportation, the old school way
Enduring the harsh winds were worth it for a glimpse of the Bangui windmills

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