Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A good night in the city

Dani and I ride our twin bikes all over the city whenever we can, and parties are no exception. That particular night, we were headed to one in a rather swanky place in one of Makati's fancier areas.

With an air of pretend recklessness, I decided to ditch my helmet in the split second before we rushed out the gate, pedaling into the night and the blue streets.

Maybe a minute and two corners past, and Dani called out to me in that ambiguous tone of voice that sometimes means good, sometimes bad. I looked back at her, wondering what was happening, and she urged me to look ahead. What was happening wasn't behind me but straight ahead: the beautiful moon, perfectly in place in a valley between two buildings, growing ever bigger as we inched closer. 

On bad days when the city makes my blood boil for all the wrong reasons, it would do me good to remember: the cool air, the warmth in the muscles of my legs as they propelled me forward, that art-deco golden skyline turned silver thanks to the light of the moon, that moon. 

It looked like it was about to burst into a thousand tiny pieces of silver, and I pretended it just did, that the shattered pieces were falling all over me as the wind pushed my hair back and I pedaled forward and forward.

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